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Asymmetric Edge XR

Training for Combat Readiness

At Asymmetric Edge XR, we specialize in creating cutting-edge Extended Reality content for military tactical training and combat readiness. Our team of former Special Operators are dedicated to providing the most innovative and effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

About Us

Will Carroll

Navy SEAL (LPO, Instructor, JTAC)

Distinguished as the Lead Petty Officer instructor, successfully leading and mentoring a large team of SEAL instructors and students at the Navy SEAL Basic Training Command. Developed and executed training curricula for all BUD/S students, achieving a qualification rate that culminated in hundreds of new SEALs. Recognized as an Honor Graduate and Master Training Specialist for exceptional instructional skills and dedication.

As Team Element Leader and Troop Department Head at a SEAL Team, managed critical aspects of strategic planning and operational readiness. Directed the airstrike department, oversaw all team members, and maintained daily weapons management for secure operations. Led the training of international Special Operations Forces, enhancing tactical, medical, and strategic planning capabilities.

Represented the U.S. in tri-lateral exercises with Australian and New Zealand military units, fostering international military relations and cooperation. Pioneered tactical training programs for Afghan Special Forces, significantly impacting the neutralization of hostile threats and enhancing coalition efforts.

Awards & Recognitions: Earned multiple commendations for performance excellence, including Sailor of the Quarter and Honor Man, reflecting superior leadership, operational effectiveness, and academic prowess across various high-stakes environments.

Christopher Shumake

Christopher Shumake is a veteran with a distinguished 14-year career as a United States Navy SEAL and security contractor where he specialized in leading high-stakes operations in combat. His expertise extends beyond tactical realm into strategic project management and global operations, having successfully executed over 250 high-risk strategic operations and managed critical projects from conception to completion. Currently, he is leveraging his extensive background to pursue innovative technologies to greatly enhance the training capabilities of first responders and military units.

AJ Umile

US Army
AJ serves as a First Lieutenant in the US Army National Guard, commanding a platoon of 32 military police officers. He is not only responsible for operational readiness but also for the skill development and training of his platoon in various critical areas. This includes shooting on the range, tactical training, mission planning, and safety protocols. As a leader, AJ goes beyond the technical aspects of military training, By striving to create a positive team culture, he fosters an environment where his soldiers can thrive. Empowering his team to become their best reflects a commitment to the personal and professional growth of each individual under his command.

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